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isolating myself was a symptom of my disorders

When I began designing my first website, I was practically computer illiterate. I spent more time on figuring out how to use codes & how to make certain graphics that I wanted to use for the sites. I was also freshly indoctinated into a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder, depression, eating & sleeping disorders with a chronic case of panic attacks to boot! I had isolated myself from my family & friends, spending one year hidden in my upstairs office/bedroom!

So while I searched for information, I began to collect it on my hard drive. I copied & pasted all day & all night long. What to put on the websites for others to read had to be considered carefully, I decided. I read every article. I pondered & reflected upon the articles & informational data that I was accumulating. How to put it all together just came to me one day...
"I think that if others can do the same thing that I'm doing, by reading all these articles, offering those who need help - a simpler method of collecting information to expand their understanding of what was happening to their minds & their bodies.
I'll look up the words that seem more difficult to understand, post the definitions & I'll include an underlined link word system so if you're say, 'depressed,' you can click on that word to go to a page on a site within my network that speaks volumes on depression!!! 
Click on the underlined link word above, "depression!"
This will help people who are so helpless in the intensity of their symptoms from either a crisis, a life dysfunction, a mental illness or any other traumatic life event that is causing them to suffer difficult, even painful - symptoms!
This is how I came to my ever present motto:
Education is the key to understanding! Understanding is the key to recovery & personal growth!

The emotional feelings network of sites is offering you many opportunities to figure out what is keeping you from being happy, participating in a healthy lifestyle & relationships in your life while you begin to notice that your symptoms are being replaced by the understanding you're acquiring of whatever it is that is ailing you!
Best of luck & as you can see, I'm always in an email mood if you'd like to discuss something you find here at the emotional feelings network of sites!
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After figuring out all the small details concerning codes, graphics & other practical issues concerning website design, I immersed myself in a daily routine of finding information on the internet concerning my own problems.
Post traumatic stress disorder was something I knew little about. I knew very little about depression & panic attacks as well. I had been abused throughout my lifetime, even experiencing domestic violence that included two years of running for my life throughout the domestic violence shelter system.
I had such intense symptoms that it was almost impossible for me to think straight. I had tried almost 15 counselors over the years and I had done what each one of them had told me to do, but I had never been diagnosed. This spoke volumes to me, most importantly, the unmet need I'd had most of my life concerning validation of my mental illness!!! I finally knew what was wrong & what the name of it was. I wasn't going nuts, I was mentally ill!

I was totally dysfunctional because of symptoms

The underlined link word system may be difficult to get used to at first, but really! I've learned from it & because every word that is pertinent to learning something important is made into an underlined link word no matter how many times it appears on the page!
Someday I hope to notify all my visitors of how many times I've offered them the opportunity to learn more concerning the topic that is causing them difficulty & pain!
On some pages I've begun to make notations, such as:
You've been offered 100 opportunities on this page to learn more about feeling fearful! If fear is dominating your life, I urge you to click on the underlined link word to open a new window upon clicking on the underlined link word. This new window will open to one of the sites within the emotional feelings network of sites!
The most advantagous opportunity for you is that your original information stays put, an open box on your page so that you can watch it

understanding what is wrong with you, is freeing!

On each page in this box you'll find the underlined link titles of the articles being displayed on that particular page! Sometimes it's helpful to visit the site yourself to see if there's something that will meet one of your individual needs! Try it! You never know where you'll find answers!
But you'll always find answers to something here at the emotional feelings network of sites!

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