about the layer down under that experience....

about the layer down under that experience....
looking within: thoughts & thinking
looking within: am i an abuser or abusive?
looking within: are you the one who abandons others?
consistency.... learn about it & use it
about suicide..... it's a shame...
coping mechanisms
communication continued
temperment & personality
family dysfunction

i.e., praying for our American forces in Iraq

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the layer down under that....


welcome! to the layer down under that !
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The reason for this opportunity is very simple & yet you may be unnerved by all those underlined words! I've been in recovery from post traumatic stress disorder, depression & many other dysfunctional ventures & thru it all I've discovered that emotion & feeling work may be the missing link that many people miss when trying to find solutions to their problems.
Developing a sense of curiosity about why you feel the way you do, is essential in finding the solution you so desperately are searching for.
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It's very simple & very interesting to follow your way thru the layers of your buried or stuffed emotions & feelings that have accumulated throughout the years!
when you've reached this point, or this website, you know you're making progress!!!! this part gets difficult because now is the time to look within & become emotionally honest with yourself!!!
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Take the time to celebrate your grand accomplishments!!!!
as well as your small accomplishments because grand or small... an accomplishments is a positive piece of work!!!!


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Another continued page from feeling emotional 3!!!

More continued pages from the layer down under!


i spend lots of time on these sites because i believe that everyone deserves an easy opportunity to find info on the internet, and when you're already stressed, anxious, depressed and so on..... you don't need to waste time in the search engines!

the layer down under was designed to accentuate the concept of digging down beneath the superficial layer of emotions & feelings that you feel every day to find those buried, hidden or underlying emotions & feelings from days, weeks, months or even years past that remain unprocessed & yes... unresolved.
as you begin to peel back the layers, you'll be making great strides in your own personal journey of recovery, but as you expect that after the first layer you'll be close to finishing your journey, you'll find yet....  the layer down under that!

i make no mention in the other sites of this layer because it takes hard work and persistence, consistency & a positive outlook to get here.... it's no gimme like at changes,
  • gimme goals!
  • gimme plans!
  • gimme hangups!

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in Ohio, Dayton that is, i discovered that when you add cheese to goulash that it becomes johnny marzetti! Go Figure!
this page is full of just that... a bunch of this and that thrown together with no specific topics, just stuff that when you add cheese, ends up as johnny marzetti!

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